Orchard Revival Ltd.

Orchard Revival Ltd is Scotland’s charity for traditional orchards. Its aims are to raise awareness to help the wider community recognise the multiple benefits and value of orchards including local food, culture and social, health and wellbeing, heritage and history, economic, and biodiversity.

The Orchard Revival is developing a knowledge hub, so that the community will benefit from shared experiences, best practice, and shared information, with this, the community will benefit from national coordination of research effort, rather than a disconnected piecemeal approach.

Further benefits will come to the community from collaboration both on national and international scales, with other organizations that have an interest in orchards, their products, culture and history.

23, Fife Renewables Innovation Centre, Methil Docks, Fife, KY8 3RS


inventory_webenq@scotlandthefruit.org.uk (for Orchard Inventory enquiries)