Producers & Members

Andre Lear and an apple tree

Andrew Lear

Andrew offers advice on orchard related projects and businesses in Scotland.
Downiemill apples

Appley Ever After (Producer)

Is a small orchard outside Dundee, planted 10 years ago. Their traditional harvesting and pressing methods ensure that our juices are packed with true appley flavour, each unique to its variety.
nick gray and apple trees

Bee Fruitful (Producer)

Nick owns an orchard which has taken root since 2015, working with honeybees and wildlife.
Scottish Apple Producers Group - Blackhaugh Farm

Blackhaugh Community Farm (Producer)

Blackhaugh Community Farm is a young orchard of Scottish heritage varieties and some promising commercial varieties.
Scottish Apple Producers Group - Cyrenians - orchard

Cyrenians Farm (Producer)

Cyrenians Farm has an organic orchard of over 200 apple trees with around 20 varieties including many Scottish heritage varieties.
Pressing apples in a box

Diggers Fine Cider (Producer)

Diggers Fine Cider is a family-run business making cider in the traditional way, more akin to a natural wine than modern sweet and concentrate-based ciders.
Apple juices from East Neuk orchard

East Neuk Orchards (Producer)

East Neuk Orchards, with their handpicked selected apples are hand pressed in small batches, the juice bottled and then gently pasteurized at Gillingshill to provide wonderful products.
Scottish Apple Producers Group - orchard on the Falkland Estate

Falkland Estate (Producer)

Falkland Estate has had productive orchards going back centuries. Planted in 2012, the current orchard sits in the shelter of the Lomond Hills. It covers an area of 2 acres and is fully organic. There are currently several beehives on the orchard to help pollinate the trees.
Scottish Apple Producers Group - Hyrneside

Hyrneside (Producer)

Hyrneside is a place for Scottish Countryside Escapes, Natural Adventures and Farm Field Events by the River Tay where Malting Barley + Heritage and Classic Cider Apples are grown for drinks.
Scottish apples (photo: Anthony Camp--uJSCceeBepY-unsplash)

Jake’s Trees

Jake’s Trees is a newly-founded fruit tree nursery based in Blairgowrie.
Lynsey Payne apple trees

Lynsey Payne (Producer)

Appletreeman is a nursery and garden centre sales area based on Blackhaugh Community Farm in Spittalfield, Perthshire.
Apples from Megginch Castle

Megginch Castle Orchard (Producer)

Megginch Castle is home of the Research and Experimental orchard containing over 420 cultivars of Malus domestica.   Based in the Carse of Gowrie, which was the historical heart of Scottish apple production up until the mid twentieth century.  The Bloody Ploughman apple variety with a blood red flesh and an intriguing story, was bred at Megginch.