Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees (Producer)

Scottish Fruit Trees supplies the finest apple, plum, pear and cherry trees across Scotland. This includes heritage, mainstream, and more specialist cider varieties and the list extends to about 250 varieties to suit the varied Scottish climates.  They also supply a range of soft fruit and hedging plants.

They supply trees to both farms, estate, forests and smallholders, and John Hancox has 20 years plus experience, of designing and  planting fruit trees on a commercial scale across Scotland.

Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees have also worked with over 500 schools and nurseries  and many community groups in establishing  orchards, running apple days, and training in Orchard skills, they also supply fruit trees to gardeners, allotments, and in many other places. John has also considerable experience in cider and juice making, and can advise on various aspects of orchard related business.   

John Hancox has been acting as an advocate for fruit growing in Scotland for many years with the Holyrood Parliament Apple Day and other initiatives, helping to raise the profile of fruit growing in Scotland. 

Scottish Heritage Fruit Trees, 2 Kelvinside Terrace West, Glasgow G20 6DA 

07786 063918