Wester Campsie Farm (Producer)

Brian and Janet Hill and their sons Edward and George this winter embarked  on the first phase of their project to plant 1500 trees on a one hectare site;  part of a five year plan.

Their objectives are to sell fresh fruit in season and process the remainder of the crop into juice and cider.

This is a dual objective along with biodiversity gain on a predominantly grassland farm which includes integrating more trees of varying species into the landscape. This in turn will encourage a more diverse and richer mix of wildlife; as well as providing more livestock shelter.

From a commercial standpoint the additional income stream will complement their existing beef and sheep enterprise .

Wester Campsie Farm, Lintrathen, Kirriemuir, Angus, DD8 5JL

07789 345 848 (Edward)

07818 040 818 (Brian)

07737 566911 (George)